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    Written By Joe Restivo
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    Does your business or organization need a new video? IMIGpro offers the services of a full service production house to take your video idea and make it a reality. Our full list of services ensures that everything you need can be handled in-house. Here’s what we can offer as we work with you to create your video product.

    Corporate Video Production
    Dose your company have a promotional video? Are you working on a new commercial, training video, employee welcoming video, or some other video product? IMIGpro is here to help. Corporate video production is our strength, and we can take your video from your initial concept to your final, complete video with our full service production house.

    As a full service production house, we are able to handle all aspects of your video project. Not only do we have a studio we can use to film your video, but we can hire on-screen talent, find you a voiceover professional, and work with your marketing team to write the right script. You will find that we have everything a major studio could offer, but at a price that fits your budget.

    Video and Film Production
    From the initial imagining of your video to capturing the film and editing the story to create a final product, IMIGpro offers a full list of production services for video and film. Our experts will tell your story through a well-written script, exceptional acting or animation, and superb editing. We can even add aerial drone filming to round out your storyline form a bird’s-eye view.

    Motion Design
    Motion design includes all of the computerized and animated additions to your video. Whether you are looking to create a moving text using the power of kinetic typography, wish to have 3D composting of your live action film and CGI animals, are looking for a fully animated film, or need some computerized special effects, we are here to help. You can have cutting-edge effects at a fraction of the cost by working with IMIGpro’s seasoned and skilled team.

    Are you ready to get started? With IMIGpro, the sky’s the limit. Let us help you turn your idea for a video into a professional final product with our team’s help.

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    Our Team
    Written By Sarah DeShields
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    IMIGPro RussellWe are delighted to introduce Russell DeShields, the founder of IMIGpro, in our new blog segment “Who is IMIGpro?”, which highlights the people who make all the good work happen around here. We sat down with Russell and asked a few questions…

    Tell us what inspired you to create the company IMIGpro

    I have been in television since 1978 and have enjoyed the creative aspects that media can bring to it’s audience. 10 Years ago I felt impressed – or better, inspired – to start a corporate video company that had integrity, excellence and professionalism. Starting a company at the beginning of one of the biggest recessions was a challenge but the spirit of hard work and exceeding our clients’ expectations carried the company through. We are now one of the premier production companies in the Carolinas and growing everyday.

    What significant lessons have you learned through the past 9 years that you’d like to share?

    I am a believer and have learned to lean on a greater power to drive the company vision. I have also learned to surround myself with the best and most creative minds in the area. I once heard, “hire people smarter than you and you will be successful”. I am a testimony to that statement.

    What’s the most memorable IMIGPro project and why?

    IMIGPro has had the privilege of telling the stories of many healthcare organizations that help the poor and marginalized people in the USA find the healthcare needed. IMIGPro has been able to create inspirational videos at no cost to the client that tell their stories and therefore help them raise money for future work. From mothers affected by AIDS delivering AIDS free babies, to NYC street kids learning how to become actors instead of falling into the expected gang life, IMIGPro has had the privilege of telling their stories to the world!

    What would you want people to know about the work you do within the company?

    My goal as the President of IMIGpro is make sure that our clients’ videos are exceeding expectations. I do that by creating a culture within our organization that fosters creativity, collaboration and excellence. Furthermore I try to lead by example in serving our employees and clients to deliver the best possible product.

    What are your hopes for IMIGpro in the years to come?

    I hope that IMIGpro will continue for many years after I am gone (which is not for quite a
    while I hope!) I believe the core of what has been created here can weather the economic storms of the future and continue to create compelling stories for years to come.