New OrthoCarolina Commercial Series - #DIYDAD

Written by Tim M

“Leave the waiting to this guy…” – A commercial for OrthoCarolina

Recently, IMIGPro has been working on commercials with some incredible brands and companies. We always strive to create unique, memorable productions that truly showcase the best of each company. One of these videos was for a consistent client of ours, OrthoCarolina. We wanted to create a commercial for them that not only stood out among their field, but also created a strong brand identity moving forward for them.  Normally, we get approached by the client with the idea, this time our creatives at IMIGpro have written into the fabric of Ortho the character of DIY Dad.  This campaign will be developed with new stories over the next year. We are excited to share this one with you today.

Director Blake Edwards and our very own David Tolentino came up with the concept of #DIYDad, a relatable, funny character that is so confident that he’ll go to ridiculous lengths before asking for help. After some casting we found the amazing actor, Nathan Rouse. Maybe someday we’ll release an outtakes version of this video because Nathan constantly had us holding our bellies laughing.

With this commercial, we’ve created an avenue for OrthoCarolina to build towards the future. We feel that #DIYDAD is a concept that can be executed in so many different scenarios and advertisements. He is what every brand looks for, a relatable character that people would instantly identify with Ortho Carolina.

Special thanks to Blake Edwards for his director and comedic wizardry, Scott Jones for his cinematic eye, and as always David Tolentino for his creative direction.

We’re excited to do so much more with OrthoCarolina.

Check out our Youtube channel to see some of the other ways we’ve collaborated with OrthoCarolina.