Feature: IMIGPro and the Power of Training Videos

Written by Sarah DeShields


epri powermag training videos

IMIGpro has developed a strong model for the creation of training videos.  Our EPRI partnership is an example of this model in action.

“New worker training has traditionally meant classroom instruction and wading through a big pile of printed materials. But videos can offer deeper and more rapid understanding of critical issues, especially for younger generations. The Electric Power Research Institute has developed a series of videos to help power plants train new workers more effectively.” – Power Magazine

A few days ago we had the honor of being featured in Power Magazine because of our work creating training videos for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Three years ago we united with EPRI to create videos for their training purposes, where instead of laborious and complicated manual interaction we were able to provide straightforward and engaging videos for their employees for ongoing training. More and more companies are beginning to catch on to the reality that engaging videos demonstrating the tasks at hand are much more effective in training employees, and we are thrilled to partner with these companies in our work. Other companies we have worked with to create training videos and product tutorials include American Efird, Baker and Taylor, Electrolux, Perfect Serve and Premier Healthcare Alliance.

From our President Russell DeShields: “I think the corporate establishment is seeing a lot “baby boomers” retiring.  That particular knowledge base is going with the retiree.  The millennials have grown up with Youtube and learning has become more visual. Video is a great training tool to educate any generation and the value of video is becoming more apparent everyday.”

Since the creation of IMIGpro, we have been helping companies large and small train their workforce using training videos. The benefit of these traning videos is the same, consistant, standardized teaching being delivered across an entire workforce.  Let us your training videos to fit your specific needs, saving money and time.

Check out the article from PowerMag here