Video and Film Production Services from IMIGpro

Have you found yourself wishing that your film or video products would be more effective? Have you walked out of the cinema with tears in your eyes, only to wonder why your own work did not produce such a reaction? If your video productions are falling flat, it maybe time to partner with a professional video production service. IMIGpro has the creative team and full service production house you need to create effective, impacting video products.

Comprehensive Video Production Services from IMIGpro
As a full service production house, we handle all aspects of your video production. Our services start with script writing, taking your concept from idea to fleshed out, effective script. We will then find the on-screen talent, hire the voice overs and, of course, film the video for you. With all of the equipment and flexibility of a major Hollywood production, yet on a slightly smaller scale, we will leave you with a finished product that is effective and professional.

Because our team includes professional creatives, we are able to help you create a video that invokes emotion in the view. Whether you are trying to create sympathy for a cause, a need for a product or an affection for your company, our team will use the right script, film techniques and even music to evoke the emotions that will make your video touch the hearts of those who view it.

How the Process Works
Our video and film production services include three basic steps. These are:

  • Pre-production – Here is where the magic happens. Our team will take your ideas and turn them into tangible stories, images and scripts.
  • Capture – Once we’ve decided on a story line, we will capture it for you with the equipment of a full service production company with a wide range of output formats available. Capture can happen at our studio, on location or at your location.
  • Post production – Our editing team will take the raw footage and craft a cohesive story that captures the hearts of those that view it, adding in sound effects and music as well.

Whether you are creating a documentary, commercial, entertaining video or something else, you need an emotional connection. IMIGpro is here to make sure that happens with professional video and film production services. Contact us today to bring your video vision to life.