Motion Design Services

Are you looking for a way to take your video production to the next level? Do you need something special to give your project that polished, professional look? IMIGpro offers motion design services in Charlotte that will give your project that professional look.

Comprehensive Motion Design Services in Charlotte
IMIGPro offers a comprehensive list of motion design services in Charlotte to help our clients create professional video products. Ideal for commercials, promo videos, movie trailers, title sequences, independent films, music videos and more, our motion design services include:

  • Kinetic Typography – More than just moving text, kinetic typography is an animation technique that adds motion to your text. This is commonly seen in movie title and end credit sequences.
  • Graphic Animations – Make your graphics more interesting by bringing them to life. Graphic animations work great for presentations and corporate videos. Take your presentation beyond PowerPoint with graphic animations.
  • 3D Compositing – Bring together live action footage, CGI and more into one cohesive video with 3D compositing. Get realistic results with the skilled team at IMIGpro.
  • Special Effects – Create Hollywood-quality special effects with a budget-friendly price with the help of IMIGpro.

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Engage Your Audience Effectively With Motion Design
In today’s digital world, your video has to have an edge if it is going to capture attention and engage your audience. Our motion design services provide that edge, helping your video to more effectively engage your target audience. We use the industry’s leading hardware and software to bring your ideas to life, telling your story with exceptional graphics that work seamlessly with your live-action film sequences. Our design team will ensure that your motion graphics, storyline, live-action film and overall branding goals all work together seamlessly, giving you a final video project you will be proud to display to your customers, clients and employees.

If you are in need of visually appealing and dynamic designs for your video project, and desire sophistication and professionalism in your final product, contact IMIGpro today. With our help, your graphics can come to life, giving you a video that will engage, inspire and promote your branding efforts.