Motion Graphic Design Services

In today’s competitive marketing world, you need a way to take your graphics to the next level. Motion graphic design is the answer. Motion graphics design takes your still graphics and puts cinematic techniques and animation with those images to make them more engaging. If you are looking for a way to improve the effectiveness of your graphic design options, IMIGpro is here to help with our motion graphic design services.

Motion graphics are more than just movies. These are carefully designed marketing materials that take your two-dimensional graphics and turn them into effective, attention-grabbing movies.

The Right Knowledge to Bring Your Graphics to Life
At IMIGpro, we have the right two- and three-dimensional design knowledge to bring your graphics to life. Our motion graphics designers work with every stage of the creative process, from the original storyboards to the editing process. Our goal is to create moving images that will capture the interest of your audience, improving your branding goals.

Why Motion Graphics Are More Effective
When people are online, they want to be entertained, and they often turn to videos to do that. In fact, studies have found that visitors will stay on a site a full 2 minutes longer if it includes a video. Sites with video are more than 50 times more likely to show up on page one in the Google search results. In other words, motion graphics will help you find more people with your message.

If you can provide motion graphics in an entertaining video, you can better reach your target demographic in a way that appeals to exactly what they want. You can also expand into new markets that were not reached well with your existing marketing efforts. Hiring a motion graphic design team will make your marketing dollars go farther.

Motion graphic design could be the answer to your marketing goals. IMIGpro is ready to take you through the process, from initial conception to storyboard to completed project. We are storytellers and artists with the passion to tell our clients’ stories professionally, using the media that works with today’s audiences. Contact IMIGpro today to get started.