We are proud to say our strength is corporate video production.

Corporate Options

Full Service

We offer a variety of corporate options at IMIGpro. From concept to product in hand and delivered to the masses, IMIGpro can handle it all. IMIGpro has a variety of Corporate video production options from: Marketing and Training videos, TV and Web based Commercials, Business documercials (combination documentary and commercial), Company Event Capture, Trade Show Videos and Motion Graphics, Live Event Streaming, DVD authoring and much more.

We are full service production house. All your needs can be taken care of in one location. From Script writing, to voiceover, even to on screen talent, our creative department can make it happen. IMIGpro has all the versatility of a major hollywood production house honed down to fit your business needs and budget right here in Charlotte, NC.

We are a a start to finish production house. You will only have to go one place to get your story told.


Pre-production is where imagination takes form. Your ideas are made into tangible, capturable pieces of storytelling. Through storyboarding, shot planning, script writing, and collaborating, our goal is to tell the best story possible.


We tell your story through film. Whether the short story, documentary, corporate communication video, church announcement, broadcast commercial, web advertisement, or web video content, IMIGpro can capture it all. We are a full service production company with a large variety of output formats. Whether you come to our in house studio or we shoot on location, your story can be captured.

Post Production

Our editors are storytellers. With editing, this is truly where it all comes together. Our editors take all the captured footage and piece it together to form a well told story. You can have great ideas, and capture beautiful imagery, but unless it is assembled properly, your story can fall flat.

Ariel Drone Filming

Get a bird’s-eye-view from high above taken with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

It’s not just the content, but also the camera perspective, that counts. We go where full-sized helicopters and aircraft cannot go to achieve those “how-did-they-do that” video moments. 

IMIGpro is now an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 107 Certified SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System, ie. DRONE) licensed company. What this means to our business partners is that IMIGpro can fly your project within the laws & regulations of the FAA. IMIGpro also protect your business with flight liability and property damage insurance coverage.

Protect your business by hiring ONLY FAA Part 107 Certified, Approved and Insured Drone pilots!

Kinetic Typography

Graphic Animations

The technical name for “moving text”—is an animation technique mixing motion and text. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion. Some commonly seen examples of this technique include movie title sequences and credits, web page animation and other entertainment media.

The potential to animate graphics beyond powerpoint has been realized through programs like After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Gone are the days of boring powerpoint presentations converted to video, now we take your information and imagery and bring it to life.

3D Compositing

3D compositing is a process by which various elements, often including both live action film footage and CGI are layered and composited together into a single image or scene. With our expanding capabilities in 3D modeling, in-depth knowledge of compositing, and green screen capturing the possibilities for unique scene creation are endless.

Special Effects

You no longer have to be special effects studio to have great special effects. With the continual expansion of special effects software and technology, it allows us access to hollywood quality effects without the cost of a high budget motion picture.


We are now offering studio space for your photography, video, or film needs.

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TelePrompter with operator
Audio Kits
HD Video Gear (Canon C100, Atmos Ninja, & Black Magic Pocket Camera)

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50% deposit required to hold dates

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