Professional Video Production Services

Written by Joe Restivo

Could your company or organization benefit from a professional video? IMIGpro has professional video production services designed to give you the professional marketing materials you need for success. From videos for corporations to videos for non-profits, our experienced team can ensure that your video products meet your goals.

Comprehensive Service from Planning to Creation
At IMIGPro, our high-quality video production services start at the initial planning stages. Our creative team will meet with you to hear your goals and plans, and then we will craft a storyboard to outline our ideas for your project. This planning process will also include analysis of what your customers want and need out of your video. The goal is to create a video that will engage and convert.

Once we have a plan in place, we will determine the best way to reach your target market, and then will start creating your video. We have the equipment of a full-service production company and can capture your video in our studio, on location or at your facility, depending on your needs and goals.

Once we have the raw footage, post-production begins. This is where the magic happens, as we make your idea come together into a uniform story. We will assemble all the pieces to create an effective video that conveys your ideas and captures the interest of the viewer.

All Types of Video Production Services
While the basic process remains the same, the goals and the look of the finished product varies depending on the type of video you need. At IMIGpro, we assist with:

  • Corporate videos – Tell your corporation’s story in video format, and reach more people with your core message.
  • Promotional videos – Launch a product or promote a special offer with effective and professionally-created promotional videos.
  • Film production – We have the services of a full-service production studio for your film production needs.
  • Motion design¬†– In addition to filmed services, we have animation services that can convey your message through a different format.

No matter what your video production needs are, IMIGpro can help. Contact our team today to discuss your vision, and let us help you make it reality.