Promotional Video Production

Your corporate training videos need to showcase the professionalism of your company while also ensuring you inform and education the audience properly. IMIGpro offers the services of a full production house and a talented team of video professionals to ensure that you can create promotional videos that matches your goals.

Create Dynamic Training Materials to Harness Audience Attention
IMIGpro understands the realities of training today’s distracted audience. We work with you to create a video that is the right length and uses engagement properly with a quick pace and professional videography to keep the employees engaged and active in their learning. Our customers find video to be one of the most cost-effective ways to train a workforce, providing consistent training to new hires and seasoned employees alike.

Comprehensive Video Production Services From Script to Launch
If your corporation is in need of new training videos, the IMIGpro team offers a comprehensive list of video production services. From assisting with the script and location selection to shooting and editing the final product, we will help you craft training videos that are energetic and motivating. Throughout the video, we will ensure that your corporate message is properly portrayed while your employees are given the tools they need for success. The final video will ensure that all employees, both new and old, receive the same level of training to ensure your company’s success.

Additional Promotional Video Solutions
In addition to training videos, IMIGpro offers a full selection of promotional video solutions for your company. These solutions include:

  • Videos for Web – Provide customers and clients attention-grabbing videos that will entertain, educate and further your branding efforts at the same time.
  • Commercials – IMIGpro can create beautiful, professional and effective commercials for television or web distribution.
  • Video Marketing – Beyond the commercial, use video to market your brand, increase trust with clients and establish your credibility in your field. Whether demonstrating your product or highlighting your service, video is highly effective at reaching your target audience.

Whether you are crafting a training video, shooting a promotional marketing piece or ordering a new commercial, our team of writers, animators, videographers and designers will work together to create a final product that will reach your goals and exceed your expectations. Put forth the right image, both internally and externally, through professional corporate video production from IMIGpro.